I offer you the list of Links to others private and governmental numismatic projects.
Please e-mail me if you notice any mistakes or have any suggestions.

World Coin News - Latest numismatic news and information about coin types and varieties released worldwide.

Numismatica Visual - Numismatic News in Spanish

Рациональная нумизматика - Rational numismatics - Russian-language channel about the possession of funds in numismatic material.

SILVER STACKING ACADEMY 2 - Exciting reviews of coins made of precious metals. (Russian)

An Introduction to Numismatics

Central bank websites

Commemorative & Memorial Coins of Ukraine (Ukrainian, English)

AgAu NEWS is all things about silver.

World of coins - Shop of coins, Catalogues of coins on-line, Articles on numismatics, Forum (Russian)

My eBay.

Мир монет - монеты наложенным платежом Numista, your coin collection online